Defendant Support

Protest in Defence of Gaza Demonstrators Monday 26 April 9.30am @ Isleworth Crown Court, 36 Ridgeway Road, Isleworth TW7 5LP. Called by Gaza Protestors Defence Campaign, Stop the War, BMI, PSC and CND.

Gaza demonstrator Martin Askew has pleaded not guilty to two charges of violent disorder. The protest outside the court will call for Martin’s release and for an end to the victimisation of all the Gaza protestors.  Visit www.gazademosupport.org.uk for more information.


How to find your relative or friend in prison. Go to the following link to trace someone  who know or believe might be in police custody but do not know her or his exact  whereabouts: Prisoner Location Service.


Write to prisoners. Prisoners can feel very isolated and any card or letter sent to them  can be very effective solidarity. One of the people sentenced for 12 months (for throwing  one single empty bottle) is Mosab Al-Ani, please send messages of solidarity to him. Contact  details are as follows:

It is taking us some time to obtain prisoner numbers but we will post them on this blog as soon as we can. Please send us any contact details for people who you know would like to receive letters of support. Please include their Name, Prison address, Prisoner number and conviction details.
Find others Around you with whom to organise solidarity. Meet informally or set up a support group or committee at your college or anywhere else, through which to meet and organise with others, as well as share any useful information you find. You can also use our updated leaflet and poster which you’ll find on the RESOURCES page.


Help Gather Accounts and Comments of the December 08 –January 09 events. Email nomoreisolation (at) yahoo.com if you have first-hand accounts, photos or video footage, which could be posted on this blog or useful as evidence in court. Footage is still needed for those few defendants who have pleaded not guilty, especially footage from the 29th December and 3rd January. Please forward this message to anyone you know who may have some footage of Gaza protests.


6 responses to “WHAT YOU CAN DO

  1. Hi,

    How can i send letters of support to defendants


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  3. One of those who were sentenced for 12 months (for throwing one single empty bottle) is Mosab Al-Ani, please send messages of solidarity to him, the contact details are as follows:

    Mosab Al- Ani
    Prison number GX – 7243
    H.M.P. Wormwood Scrubs
    P.O. Box 757 DuCane Road
    London, W12 OAE

    Make sure when you do send messages of solidarity to send the letter by special delivery made payable to ‘governor’. Thanks for all your support

  4. Hi, My brother also got sentenced on the 12th of feb. He was 16 at the time, and was sentenced to 12months imprisonment. This was very harsh seeing as if he was of adult age, he could have been sentenced to 30months. As his family are concerned, we are shattered by this. He doesnt deserve prison, non of them do. My condolences go out to all the imprisoned and their family, and i hope for them all the justice!

  5. I was there and cheering these young people on, I feel I should be doing time too, what savage sentences, what a terrible indictment of this government, the protests will NOT stop

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